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EV Charging safety for your Plug-In Charger

Charging safety for level 1 and level 2 plug-in EV charging stations is important just like inserting any plug into an outlet.  Plug-in level 2 EV charger units often don’t have a conduit like hardwired stations aka “wall stations”, but instead have a 240V cord that connects the EV charger box to the plug outlet.

When using your plug-in charger, especially level 2 J1772 chargers such as TotalEV™, or ExacteEV™, which will charge your car battery more quickly, there are a few things to consider for safety reasons:- 

  • Always ensure that the circuit breaker is turned off before plugging in and unplugging your charger.  This is because it is a high voltage appliance.
  • Do not consistently plug and unplug your charger.  240/250 volt outlets in the home are not rated for frequent plugging and unplugging.
  • Have a local licensed electrician check that all wiring to the outlet is correct and in compliance with local code requirements before connecting the EV charger.
  • Ensure the EV charger is not “heavy hanging” from the plug receptacle and is supported.
  • “Daisy chaining” and connecting your charger to extension cables or splitters (adapter sockets that create two plug outlets from one) are not safe and can also result in much more frequent tripping of the breaker.  
  • The EV charger should be plugged directly into the outlet. A dedicated NEMA outlet for use with the EV charger  only is highly advised.  
  • Never use a plug or cord that gets excessively hot as it may pose a fire and electrical shock hazard.  This could be due to circuit overload, faulty wiring, a loose connection or dust/debris build-up in the outlet.
  • Periodically check the plug outlet for wear and tear. Worn receptacles are a safety issue, can cause overheating and are a fire hazard.
  • If you notice burn marks, do not plug anything until you have contacted a local licensed electrician to check them out. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or speak to your local licensed electrician.

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