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Welcome to EV-Chargers.  America’s portable, hardwire, and wallbox EV charging specialists!  

In a snapshot:-

  • We launched the U.S. first online that covers all cars, all charger types, and all accessories.  
  • We offer the widest ranges of charge speeds and EV plug types, all available in portable, hardwire, and wallbox EV charging formats.
  • We provide a complete product and service solution to EV charging at home with cost-effective installation with our network of install partners.
  • We have an extensive range of tier-1 suppliers and established relationships in the industry.
  • We enjoy exclusive manufacturing relationships.
  • We deliver free of charge nationwide.  We don’t perform installations but can recommend a licensed electrician installer in your area.
  • Our product is held locally in the U.S and can be shipped to the West Coast typically in less than two days and the whole of the U.S. in 3-4 days.
  • Our products are also listed on Amazon. 

We have been in the EV charging industry since 2015.  We started when the demand for electrical vehicles started to gain traction. When we started our company, we realized that high-quality, long-term, innovative manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution were critical.   Over several years, we have built up an EV charger company that is fit for the demands of the growing safety, quality, and volume demands of the industry.   We have exclusive manufacturing partners that provide solutions to the highest standards.

Our Mission

We are U.S. based company in Southern California.  We wanted to provide the broadest range of EV chargers and accessories, as well as help consumers navigate the complexity of the EV charging industry. We provide the broadest range of fast, ready-to-go installation-free plug-in chargers. We are the only company in the U.S. that stocks products locally in the U.S. with every charger type for every domestic U.S. plug type.  

We seek to make buying an EV charger simpler and to reduce the technical jargon. You can also click on our EV Charger Tool we built for the U.S. electric vehicle car market to find the best match for your vehicle.

Our Manufacturing

We work exclusively with manufacturing sites in North America and China.  Our manufacturing sites have been in the EV charging industry from the beginning and are also suppliers to major car manufacturers as OEM equipment providers.   Our manufacturing is well established with extensive knowledge.  Our manufacturing facilities possess state-of-the-art EV charging testing manufacturing technology, automatic SMT welding equipment, optical detection equipment, full simulation vehicle charging systems, sensor testing, automatic gluing, intelligent laser printing, and recording equipment.  These are critical to the three elements of a charger, which are the circuit, the software, and the hardware.

Arlington, Texas Wallbox Pulsar manufacturing

Arlington, Texas Wallbox Pulsar product release

Arlington, Texas, Wallbox Pulsar assembly line

Our AEFA manufacturing facility produces EV chargers that are light, portable (mobile) and high power.  Charges are produced in a dedicated 50,000 square meter facility.  Our facility produces exclusively for EV chargers in North America and Canada and has on site testing, R&D, fabrication and assembly operations.   Our factory has produced thousands of EV chargers and also is a supplier to leading German owned luxury car brands.

AEFA Manufacturing Facility

Automatic laser welding

AEFA product testing

AEFA assembly line

Charger printed circuit board

Customer Service

We have dedicated, U.S based customer service and technical representatives.  Our representatives work for the company and have extensive knowledge of EV batteries, charging considerations, EV plug types, car acceptance rates, charge times, differences between wallbox and portable/mobile EV charges, as well as accessories such as adapters and connectors.   There are not too many EV charging questions that we don’t have an answer to!


We warehouse and ship all product from our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.   We typically carry 4-6 weeks of inventory of each product and thanks to automated processes, product will charge out the same day or next day from our facility.  Products are barcoded and packaged to international standards with each charged shipped in a reinforced cardboard package along with a hardshell carry case to protect the EV charger.  Our shipping partners are UPS and Fed Ex.  Automated emails are generated to customers with UPS and Fed Ex shipping numbers for tracking purposes.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger inventory

AEFA EV charger inventory

Our mission is to continue to provide service, choice and quality as the EV charging industry evolves.


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