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Electric Vehicle Fleet Owners

EV Chargers Pro™ helps you plan, design and install your custom EV charging solution. More and more businesses or fleet managers are looking at ways to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act and the potential tax credits related to electric charging equipment. We can help identify, procure and install the right charger or charging station for your EV needs and ensure eligibility for federal tax credit.

Increasingly both public and private institutions are looking at ways to convert all or part of their vehicle fleet into electric or long range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  We offer a full turnkey solution of consultation, charging stations, installation and software for EV charger management.  The Workforce C-650 electric delivery van, the Brightdrop EV600, Ford E-Transit, Canoo MPV1 and 2, GreenPower EV Star Cargo, Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and Arrival Van will be key commercial delivery fleet vehicles from 2023 and we provide a range of EV charging options to suit fleet managers.

EV Chargers Pro Solutions help realize this.  We receive inquiries for ev charging solutions for commercial fleet vans, business and field personnel ev charging solutions and central office ev charging solutions. 

One-Stop-Shop Charging Solutions

We can help you start to plan your vehicle fleet transition to electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with our EV Chargers pro software and hardware EV charging solutions at your premises, depots, employees’ homes or other designated locations

Powerful residential and commercial charging solutions

We offer a full range of high quality EV charging solutions to the highest electrical and 3rd party safety standards.  We can also offer charging solutions to suit regional power and weather variations, as well as outdoor and indoor solutions. We have a range of products, software and hardware for your fleet and driver circumstances.  The include high power charging solutions, solar integration, power storage from the electric vehicle (in case of power outages), power balancing to prevent main panel overloads and allow for multiple EV charger installations on one circuit. 

Depot Charging

Whether you’re adding one, five or ten into your EV depot fleet, our EV Charger Solutions team can assist with hardware, equipment and software selection for home, office or depot EV charging.  From initial consultations, planning to charging management, we offer a full turnkey solution to start charging at your depot facility with flexible 

Home Charging 

As your fleet expands, we can provide your drivers continue their electric vehicle charging at home with a variety of home driving solutions.  Fleet vehicle owners can power up their vehicles from the comfort of their own home with charging hardware and software that makes operations easy for drivers and fleet managers.

EV Plug and Charger Installation

Based on your fleet and location, we can provide the appropriate EV plug and EV charger installation solution.

By enabling guests and employees to charge their EV, it is an add on service appreciated by guests, especially as guests will be able to get a full overnight charge with a safe, easy to use, fast EV charger.  Installing an EV charging station or a suite of stations, will enable you to get ahead of the competition and quickly increase guest satisfaction for a relatively low cost.

Seamless Integration

Manage your charging stations and integrate date with your existing account

Energy Management

Help optimize costs with our smart charging software that looks at fleet schedule, utility rates and more.

Real Time Updates

Get reports on vehicles, chargers and maintenance notifications to help maximize fleet efficiency.

Key services and solutions we can offer for hotels:-

  • Product: Compact, 240 volt level 2 charging, adjustable from 16A to 40A or 48A

Powerful 48A 11.5 kWh charger for fastest charging of all electric vehicles

  • Safety: Highest rated Americas safety standards with UL listed and Type 4 enclosure
  • Flexibility: Indoor or outdoor installation  

Single or dual mounting for free standing charging solutions

Wall mounting or freestanding pedestal

  • Security: Remote locking features to turn off EV charging stations so you are in control
  • Control: RFID enable swipe cards Billable or non billable charging  
  • Business Billing: Pay per use / pay as you charge options

Management via a central cloud based platform with data analytics

  • Futureproofing: Ability to add additional stations
  • Advanced Tech: Power sharing*, WIFI connectivity and power boost for installation
  • Installation: Expert service installation partner
  • Smart Technology: Power limiters to reduce expensive panel upgrades for residential fleet vehicles
  • Solar integration: Power from solar or a mix of energy sources with automated software to lower charge costs for residential fleet users

For multiple charging stations, power charging between EV charging stations can avoid expensive electrical infrastructure upgrades.  The smart charging power share feature dynamically distributes power as it becomes available from an EV charging station no longer being used.  It automatically redirects power to other EV chargers, increasing their charging power

Product 1 – Pro-Fleet Pack Multi Unit Hardwired 48 commercial premise EV chargers or 40 Amp plug-in residential EV Chargers

2-25 WallBox EV chargers. Hardwired, future-proof your installation with the highest power today.  The Pulsar Plus 40A and 48A, are the highest power available residential EV chargers.  Can be installed on the same electrical circuit or on separate electrical panels/circuits in residential settings

Pulsar Plus 48A Highest Power Hotel EV Charger

  • 240V (Level 2) | 11.5kW highest power chargers
  • Adjustable power up to 48 Amp (11.5kW) or 40 Amp (9.6kW)
  • Fastest EV charging for your car rental fleet
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with all EVs (Tesla requires adapter)
  • Power Sharing-enabled for multiple charging stations
  • Hardwired option to avoid plugs and wire risk to homeowners
  • 25 foot, extra long reach cable in locations
  • Integrated myWallbox app to control charger remotely or in the hotel
  • Onboard intelligence – smart functions such as charging, locking and unlocking are managed in the charger even when the Internet is down
  • NEMA 4 rating for your fleet charging safety
  • UL highest safety certification for home EV charging
  •  Indoor, underground or outdoor installation
  • Tax advantage – qualities for 30% federal tax credit
  • Installation by our Wallbox installation expert partner
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

Whether you are looking at central charging solutions at a business or commercial premise, or have a large fleet of EVs for your employees at residential locations, we have a range of solutions.


$695 (Propack 2-5 units)

$679 (ProFleet Pack 5 units+)

$649 (ProFleet Bumper Pack 20 units+)

Product 2 – Pulsar Plus Pedestal

Elegant and compact mounting for Pulsar Plus, enhances properties look and feel:-

  • Single or double mount of Pulsar Plus on one charging station
  • Practical free standing charger mount
  • Include charger hoot and cable management for tidy cable storage
  • Multiple power supply ports allow for virtually any wiring or conduit situation
  • Optional rain cover available for additional weather protection
  • Charging safety at premises by hiding away trip and electrical safety risks
  • Enable convenient multi car parking location for rental cars
  • Perfect when there are no garages for wall mounted EV charging



(Product 3) – Fleet Charging Power sharing feature

Power Sharing

EV fleet owners can connect multiple Wallbox Chargers onto one common or electrical circuit at their commercial premises or fleet residential locations.  This can save expensive panel upgrades needed for dedicated circuits

  • Allows you to connect from two to 25 Wallbox Chargers onto one common electrical circuit
  • Dynamic power balance to each charger
  • As one car finishes its charge or another car is disconnected, the system automatically increases the power available to other hotels guests cars

Price:   $Free

Product 4 –  Power Meter for Energy Management Solutions for your EV fleet drivers

The combination of Power Meter with your fleet Pulsar Wallboxes unlocks new capabilities such as Eco-Smart and Power Boost features.

Eco-Smart allows your residential fleet user to use the solar power produced by your roof solar panels to power up your EV.   With two available modes, it gives your fleet EV drivers the ability to choose solar only or a mix of solar EV charging and grid energy power

  • Charge 100% solar energy of mix of solar and grid power
  • Direct surplus solar energy to your EV for charging
  • Reduce EV charging electricity bill by using the free energy of you solar panel

Power Boost helps avoid blackouts and costly energy bills for your EV fleet owners. Fleet owners often have low power service to their home such as 80, 100 or 150 amp supply. With the proliferation of electrical devices such as hot tubs, pool pumps, laptops and other electronic devices, main panels can easily trip with the addition of an EV plug, setting your fleet’s household into meltdown.

Smart technology adjusts the power the WallBox EV charger delivers to your fleet’s EV car in accordance with the amount of live energy being used in your house.  Keep the lights on and charge at the highest speed possible with dynamic load balancing.

When many  domestic appliances are on, Power Boost slows your EV charge to stay within your location’s power capacity.  As appliances switch off or power down, Power Boost switches available power to your EV once again with Power Boost. 

 No home power outages or surprises Never exceed your home’s power capacity with safe charging to avoid unsafe main panel breaker interruptions

Power Management home, residential power management of up 250A (most homes are 200A or below)

  •   Unlocks a full suite of Energy Management Solutions. 
  • Used to enable solar EV charging and dynamic load balancing features
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Included 2 CT clamps for electrical panels up to 250 Amps
  • Mounting with Wallbox Power meter UL enclosure (optional)

Our power meter from Wallbox opens up our full Energy Management Solution, meaning your Pulsar Plus is future proof and ready for all software upgrades without requiring add on hardware purchases.   Get more savings and maximize solar panel power with solar EV charging.  The power meter comes with CT clamps for installation  along with your Pulsar Plus by our certified installation partner.



Product 5 – EV fleet charging monitoring

Allows central monitoring of your EV fleet at your commercial premises or individual EV drivers in your fleet to control charging anytime, anywhere and monitor costs.

Monitoring: Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely

Security: Remote Wallbox locking and unlocking put owners in charge

All in One: Manage multiple users and multiple chargers at your premises

Data: Real-time charging statistics, energy use and spending data

 Energy Management:  Control energy management technology such as PowerBoost and Eco-Smart

 View fleet charging sessions at any time

Filter by time periods

 View your charging data in real-time

 Monitor consumption via graphs and charts

Price:   $Free (Downloadable app following installation)


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