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Level 1 chargers

What Kind of Level 1 EV Charger Do I Need?

Nearly every car manufacturer sells electric vehicles. Our portable EV chargers work for every electric car model sold in North America. For our Tesla customers, we offer Tesla EV chargers and adaptors. To choose the right kind of EV charger, think about: 

  • The type of outlet you can access
  • The distance from your vehicle to the outlet
  • How fast you need to charge the vehicle
  • How many miles you drive each day

Types of Level 1 Chargers

Level 1 chargers work with household outlets, which makes them convenient for EV owners without access to high voltage outlets. Using a level 1 charger takes more time to fully charge the vehicle and is perfect for those charging their vehicles overnight. Our customers can choose from a couple of Level 1 EV Chargers. Which is the right one for you? 

NEMA 5-15 EZ Retractable Level 1 EV Charger 

The NEMA 5-15 EZ Retractable Level 1 EV Charger provides reliable, adjustable, and worry-free charging. Reaching up to 23 feet long, the cable retracts on-demand for easy cleanup. Adjust the power level between 6, 8, 10, or 15 amps to meet your vehicle’s needs and your outlet’s capabilities. This charger is great for EV owners who have little space to park their vehicles and only have access to household outlets.

NEMA 5-15 PLUG Level 1 EV Charger

Our NEMA 5-15 PLUG Level 1 EV Charger has the power of a complete EV charging station that you can take on the go. You can set it up with a wall mount or take it with you on a trip in its hard-shell travel case. This charger works great for EV owners who need adjustable length and portability. We offer cables of 25 feet or 32 feet, making this charger perfect for driveway use. EV drivers love the simple and reliable nature of our NEMA 5-15 PLUG Level 1 Charger.  

Capabilities of Our Level 1 Chargers

All of our Level 1 Chargers are designed to be easy to use. They come with features that simplify the charging process. 

NEMA 5-15 EZ Retractable Level 1 EV Charger 

Adjustable Current:

Change the power level from 6, 8, 10, or 15 amps based on your vehicle’s needs and your outlet’s max power capacity. This capability ensures you won’t trip the breaker during use. 

Automatic Rewind:

With a light tug, you can retract the cable quickly with no kinks or tangles. The stop ball at the end guarantees the cable rewinds to the right point. You can also stop the rewind at any time with any-length lock technology. 

180-Degree Swivel:

As you move around your vehicle or garage, the cable will move with you easily. This is because our 180-degree swivel design allows the cable to follow you at different angles with no stiffness. 


We put safety first with our chargers. They are water-resistant, UV-resistant, and lightning-proof. They also have overvoltage and undervoltage protection. You can use the charger worry-free.  

Easy Set-up:

With our retractable charger, setup is simple. With just two screws and sliding wall brackets, the charger is ready to go. Just plug it in and start charging. Its LCD display clearly indicates charging status, so you’ll know exactly when your vehicle is ready to drive. 

NEMA 5-15 PLUG Level 1 EV Charger

Flexible Length:

Our chargers come with 25-foot or 32-foot cables. You no longer need to stretch cables or unsafely use an extension cord. With the flexible length we offer, you can even charge your vehicle in the driveway.

Adjustable Power:

Change the current setting between 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, and 40 amps to charge your vehicle quickly and safely. Our chargers also feature a delay setting of up to 10 hours so you can charge your vehicle in off-peak hours.

Portable and Protected:

Take this charger on the road with you. It’s lightweight and comes with a cable cover and nozzle cover with a magnetic seal. The nozzle cover converts between reflective and non-reflective to protect against all weather conditions. The one-size-fits-all cable protector prevents damage from garage doors. 

Straightforward to Use:

This Level 1 charger requires no programming or hardwiring, so you can use it right away. The LCD touchscreen shows the charge status and charge mode. It provides easy-to-understand instructions so even first-timers can use the charger.

Should I Buy a Level 2 EV Charger Instead?

Level 1 EV Chargers are great for steady and safe charging. Their easy assembly, adjustability, and portability make them a good choice for drivers who want worry-free charging and don’t drive far each day. Level 2 EV Chargers charge vehicles faster than Level 1 chargers. If you need speedy and powerful charging, our Level 2 Chargers might work better for you. Whatever your charging needs are, EV Chargers provide a solution. 

Do you need more power? Check out our Level 2 EV Chargers


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