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Welcome to EV-Chargers.  America’s portable EV charging specialists!  In a snapshot:-

  • We launched the UK’s first online EV Charger Shop in 2016 and have gained extensive experience in the field of electric vehicle charging
  • In the U.S., we launched the first dedicated EV charger store focused on portable EV chargers for the U.S. market
  • We provide a complete product and service solution to EV charging at home with cost-effective installation with our network of install partners
  • We have an extensive range of tier 1 suppliers and established relationships in the industry
  • Our charging products comply with international standards and are tested in the United States for reliability and ease of use
  • We deliver free of charge nationwide.  We don’t perform installations but can recommend a licensed electrician installer in your area.
  • Our product is held locally in the U.S and can be shipped to the West Coast typically in less than 2 days and the whole of the U.S. in 4 days 

We have been in the EV charging industry since 2015.  We started when the demand for electrical vehicles in the UK started to gain traction.     We noticed the number of electric vehicles on the road and working in digital marketing we saw the growth in search traffic and need for products. We first started the sourcing, distribution of marketing of EV Charges in the UK.  Our business started as two brothers with an idea via WhatsApp, sharing ideas and noticing the issues EV car owners had in getting the right information needed to buy the right ev charger.


In 2020, we expanded the business to the U.S.  We realized that the U.S. market had the same challenges we had seen in the UK market, namely confusing jargon and a lack of clarity of what the customer needed.  We also saw that 3rd party sellers were upselling customers to high-priced chargers that they did not necessarily need or understand the pros/cons of different options.  We also noticed safety issues with chargers being sold in outlawed plug type configurations such as NEMA 10-50 and NEMA 10-30, as well as charging speed claims that were false.

We wanted to simplify the buying process with our ev-charger selector tool https://evchargersusa.com/ev-charger-selector-tool/ and provide more accurate information and no false claims about product performance. 

We sought to provide the following to U.S. customers based on our experience in the UK

  • Focusing on the needs of residential charging customers
  • Supply the widest range of portable, on the go, ev chargers
  • Provide a variety of charging speeds to suit your current car and the fastest amperage charging speeds to fit your current car, as well as futureproof you for your next ev charger
  • We provide the best value ev chargers, in the widest range with delivery from the U.S. in 2-3 days to most locations

We are based in Southern California since this is where the most electric vehicles are and enables us to keep a pulse on the world of electric vehicles and the changing needs.

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