Fiat EV Chargers

Fiat has focused its EV efforts on the popular Fiat 500 with the Fiat 500E (electric) and the Fiat 500E (electric) Action. Fiat announced plans to further electrify its fleet in 2020 and the Fiat Centoventi is expected to be a global success in the crossover category. The Fiat 500E is the current leading electric vehicle and the Fiat 500e will be made available in several styles including the Cinquecento. We receive request for Fiat EV chargers, particularly for level 2 Fiat 500E EV chargers. Requests are for new Fiat EV chargers for new EV owners or often for buyers of used Fiat 500E vehicles that need an EV charger to replace a broken or damaged EV Charger. Our recommended EV Charger is our EZ Reel retractable EV charger (NEMA 14-50) or NEMA 14-50 40 amp Fiat 500E EV Charger.

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