Tesla Model S

Model S Tesla EV Chargers

Over the years, the Model S has been available in a number of versions.  The base model 60 (60 kWh) battery capacity and the 60D AWD edition became available in 2014. Tesla launched many subsequent editions including the 70D, 85D with a higher top speed and the P90D with the much vaunted “Ludicrous Mode”.  All came with slightly larger batteries of 70, 85 and 90 kWh battery sizes.   The main model varities are the Model S 60, 85 rear wheel drive, and P85 rear wheel drive.  The model type will  influence charge times given the difference in battery sizes.   With many used Teslas on the road, we receive requests for Tesla EV chargers and our  EV chargers offer comparable charge times to Tesla EV chargers.  We provide the most popular types of EV chargers include 14-50 and 6-50 level 2 Tesla EV chargers for the Model S., as well as hardwire EV chargers.

Recommendation: We recommend our level 2, 240 volt NEMA 14-50 Retractable EZ™ Reel charger or 14-50, 40-amp 9.6 kWh Tesla S Aefa FlexBox™ EV charger. It can be affixed to the wall like a wallbox or be a portable charger for on the go charging.   Our Level 2 Tesla EV chargers are the most powerful chargers and provides the same power as Tesla residential chargers.  Given most EV owners charge their car from a 50% battery, the car will be fully charged in 4-5 hours.   Typical charge times, depending on battery size will be aorund 4-5 hours from a 50% battery.