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Apartment, condominium and multi unit dwelling EV charger and software packs

The demand for powerful, safe, secure, and controllable EV charging solutions in apartments, HOAs, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings is rising.

Landlords and real estate owners can benefit from the installation of EV charging stations by generating quick and significant ROI compared to other property upgrades.

We provide a complete turnkey solution that includes consultation, charging stations, installation, and software for charger management.

With the increasing shift towards plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicles, the need for residential EV charging in communal parking areas of apartments, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings is amplified. The younger demographic below 35, which is rapidly adopting electric vehicles and tends to rent, particularly seeks car charging ports in communal parking areas. By installing an EV charging station or suite of stations, landlords can differentiate themselves in competitive real estate markets, increase guest satisfaction at a relatively low cost, and boost rental income.

We provide key services and solutions for apartments, condominiums, and multi-unit dwellings, including:

  • Product: Compact, 240 volt level 2 charging, adjustable from 16A to 40A or 48APowerful 48A 11.5 kWh charger for fast charging of all electric vehicles
  • Safety: Highest rated North America safety standard with UL listed and Type 4 enclosure for renters
  • Flexibility: Indoor or outdoor installation
    Single or dual mounting for free standing charging solutions
    Wall mounting or freestanding pedestal to enable installation in communal parking areas
    Ability for designated renter to nominate up to one additional guest
  • Security: Remote locking features to turn off EV charging stations so HOAs and landlords are in control
  • Single Central Power Source: Designated charging stations to specific users/renters even if using a shared power source or central residential panel 
  • Control:  RFID enable swipe cards billable or non billable charging to guestsLimit charging times to off-peak hours after 5pm until 6am as desired
  • East Billing:  Pay per use / pay as you charge optionsSoftware billing system to user
    Management via a central cloud based platform with data analytics
    Perfect for multi-tenanted property, hotel or similar guest accommodation business.    
  • Futureproofing: Ability to add additional stations
  • Advanced Tech: Power sharing that balances power between EV charging stations and adds power to EV charging stations as others go off-line if on a single circuit (avoids expensive sub panels and upgrades)
  • Installation: Expert service installation partner
  • WIFI Independent: Wallbox charger that work even if the internet is down or in spotty WIFI
  • Solar integration option: Futureproofing flexibility. Power from solar or a mix of energy sources with automated software to lower charge costs at your property

Additionally, we also have available turnkey solutions such as Consultation, Charging stations, Installation and Software for charger management

Pro-Pack Multiple Hardwired 48 EV chargers

1-5 WallBox EV charger. A future-proof hardwired installation with a powerful capacity. Avoid panel upgrade or on separate electrical panels/circuits with the Pulsar Plus 48A, the highest power available residential EV charger.

Hardwired Pulsar Plus (48A)

240V (Level 2) | 11.5kW | 25'
$699 $599
Wallbox EV Chargers
wallbox 40 zoom - EV Chargers
  • 240V (Level 2) | 11.5kW highest power chargers
  • Adjustable power up to 48 Amp (11.5kW), the highest it can get.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wallbox EV charger compatibility
  • Fits all with all EVs (Tesla requires adapter)
  • Power Sharing-enabled for multiple guest charging stations
  • Avoid plugs and wire risk to guests with a hardwired solution
  • 25 ft, extra long reach cable for all guest vehicle charge port locations
  • Integrated myWallbox app to control charger remotely or in the hotel
  • Onboard intelligence – smart functionality such as charging, locking and unlocking are managed in the charger even without internet connection
  • NEMA 4 enclosure rating for guest charging safety
  • UL highest, independent safety certification
  •  Multiple installation options: Indoor, underground or outdoor 
  • Tax advantage – qualities for 30% federal tax credit
  • Installation solutions with experts 
  • 3 year warranty

The Apartment and Condo Pro Packs offer a fast, effective, and dynamic solution for preparing your building for tenants who own electric vehicles. Our Pro Pack plan includes several chargers connected to the same central electrical panel, thereby reducing the cost of installing an EV charging infrastructure in multi-user buildings like apartment blocks. Our power management and power sharing features ensure that multiple units can connect to the electrical infrastructure, with power distribution automatically controlled.

We also offer a pay-per-month feature for long-term renters in multi-family or garage units, with separate bills for each renter, even if the EV charger is not hardwired or wired to individual units’ breakers. This solution addresses a significant problem faced by landlords. Our system runs power from one central location to designated charging stations (apartment block, general parking area, basement, or private parking lot), usually located in an accessible parking spot. All data goes to the property manager for billing and data transparency through one easy-to-use app.



$659 (Propack 3+ units)

Pulsar Plus Pedestal

eiffel basic mono with pulsar plus na perspective
eiffel basic mono with pulsar plus na perspective

Sophisticated and compact mounting for Pulsar Plus, providing a luxurious look and feel:

  • Mount one or two Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV chargers
  • Practical free standing charger mount
  • Include charger hoot and cable management for tidy cable storage
  • Multiple power supply ports allow for virtually any wiring or conduit situation
  • Optional rain cover available for additional weather protection
  • Rental safety by hiding away trip and electrical safety risks
  • Enable convenient multi car park location
  • Perfect when there are no garages for wall mounted EV charging
eiffel basic
Wallbox basic mono



 Renter charging monitoring

Allows property, managers and owners to monitor and control charging anytime, from anywhere.


Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely


Remote Wallbox locking and unlocking put owners in charge

All in One

Manage multiple users and multiple chargers at the hotel


Real-time charging statistics, energy use and spending data

Awareness: Real-time notifications

View charging sessions at any time

Filter by time periods

View your charging data in real-time

Monitor hotel consumption via graphs and charts

Price: $Free (app downloadable following Wallbox install)

 Renter charging monitoring

Wallbox App Pulsar Plus
Wallbox App Statistic

Allows property, managers and owners to monitor and control charging anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring: Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely

Security: Remote Wallbox locking and unlocking put owners in charge

All in One: Manage multiple users and multiple chargers at the hotel

Data: Real-time charging statistics, energy use and spending data

Energy Management: Control energy management technology such as PowerBoost and Eco-Smart

Awareness: Real-time updates
View guest charging sessions at any time
Filter by time periods
Keep track of your charging data in real-time
Monitor consumption via graphics and charted data

Price:    $Free (download the app following Wallbox installation)

wallbox installation

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