NEMA 6-50 EV Charger

Double or triple charging capacity without infrastructure upgrades! Here at EV Chargers, we stock a powerful 40 Amp Level 2 NEMA 6-50 EV Charger, 240 Volt compatible with all cars in the U.S. The NEMA 6-50 EV Charger Interfaces for maximum possible charging rate on your 6-50 plug. The 6-50 EV charger plug connects directly into your existing standard 240V household 3 pin 6-50 outlet. Once used for compressors, oven ranges and generators it is now routinely used for electrical vehicle chargers. No need to install anything in the home – plug and charge! This charger has built-in protection against power surges that can damage your car’s battery. We offer the NEMA 6-50 EV Charger, in 25 feet and 32 feet lengths, so you can choose the perfect NEMA 6-50 ev charger for you. The 6-50 outlet ig slightly less expensive to install as it only requires 3 wires, Line 1, Line 2 and Ground. The 14-50 outlet required 4 wires.

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