Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Tesla EV Chargers

Tesla, Inc. launched its groundbreaking Tesla Model 3 in 2017 and production still continues. There are now a significant number of Tesla Model 3 vehicles on the road and we receive requests for new Tesla Model 3 EV chargers and EV chargers for used Tesla Model 3 vehicles when the EV charger does not transfer to the new owner. The Tesla Model 3 is a mid size compact executive car with the base entry model delivering an EPA-rated all electric range of 220 miles (428 km). We provide a range of EV chargers and EV plugs suited for different Tesla vehicles. The initial Model 3 Base version came with a 50 kWh battery and a 7.6 kWh (32) amp hourly charge acceptance rate. Tesla offers three trim levels for the Model 3: base rear-wheel drive, Long Range, and Performance. 

Recommendation: Given the battery size and charge acceptance capability, we recommend our AEFA 40 or 32 amp, 240 volt Tesla Model 3 EV chargers. Charge times are fast and the car will be fully charged from an empty battery in around 3 to 4 hours.