Mini EV Chargers

Mini is the authentic British design that brought its classic, fun design to America and added the EV range. Mini produced several models including the Mini Cooper SE and Mini Cooper SE Countryman, which were generally very well received. Mini launched all electric and plug-in hybrid versions and there were many used Minis on the market. The company now has an established range of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, we receive requests for EV chargers for new Mini and used Mini EVs when a replacement or faster portable EV charger is needed. Many owners prefer to make their own choice in EV chargers rather than 3rd party auto manufacturer affiliations, which can be much more expensive or where there is little information. For Mini, many EV owners prefer to upgrade a more powerful level 2 Mini EV Charger. We recommend our level 2 NEMA 14-50 9.6 kWh Mini EV charger, which can be fixed to the wall, mobile or portable. This is significantly faster than level 1 provided Mini EV Chargers. Like many manufacturers, the Mini fleet is less focused on residential charging solutions and so many customers use our service to find the right EV charger and installation options.

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