NEMA 6-20 EV Charger

Boosting 240V and up to 16A, the NEMA 6-20 provides a rapid level 2 charging rate of 3.86 kWh or approximately 9-11 miles per hour of charge. The level 2 NEMA 6-20 J1772 plug is compatible with all cars in the U.S. The NEMA 6-20 EV charger will connect directly to your existing standard household 3-pin 6-20 outlet, typically used for electric dryers and ranges.

Many homes already have this plug type, so there is nothing to install in the house for instant charging. It can save on expensive panel upgrades and EV plug installations. We offer the NEMA 6-20 level 2 EV Charger in 25 feet and 32 feet lengths. Ideal for plug-in hybrids and EV owners whose schedules suit overnight charging. Please select the NEMA 6-20 EV charger image/icon below. If you need further help finding the correct charger for you, please also use our EV Selector tool: where you can see other options.

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