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Pulsar Plus Charger

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Pulsar Plus 40A & 48A

Ready to handle the most powerful residential charging

Charge faster, Charge smarter

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a small footprint and mighty performance in its two versions of 40A and 48A. Easy to install, Pulsar Plus is compatible with all electric and plug-in-hybrid vehicles* in the US and Canada and is future-proof as is prepared to handle the most powerful EV batteries coming to the market.

*including Teslas using a Tesla adapter

Fastest Charge, Smallest Design

Pulsar Plus can deliver up to 30-35 miles of range per hour. Featuring a super sleek and compact design, this level 2 240V powerhouse can be adjusted from 16A to 40A or 48A depending on the model.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

myWallbox app allows you to remotely connect and control the Pulsar Plus via your smartphone.

Alexa and Google Enabled

You can control and check the status of your wallbox using voice commands.

Always Ready

Ready even when the internet is down. Pulsar Plus allows you to charge and schedule charge times even if you can’t connect to the internet.

Choose Between 40 and 48 Amps.

Tax Incentives

Pulsar Plus qualifies for the 30% Federal tax credit (up to $1,000) for equipment and installation.

Find out if you qualify for additional local incentives here. Consult your tax profesional for more information.

Pick the charger that’s right for you and take advantage of adjustable capacity from 16A up to 40A or 48A. Pulsar Plus 40A allows an easy NEMA 14-50 plug installation.

Alternatively, if you want to future-proof your installation with higher power today, you can choose the Pulsar Plus 48A and be ready to charge your EV even faster.

14-50 Pulsar Plus (40A)

240V (Level 2) | 9.6kW | 25'
$649 $549
Wallbox EV Chargers

Hardwired Pulsar Plus (48A)

240V (Level 2) | 11.5kW | 25'
$699 $599
Wallbox EV Chargers

An EV Charger that does it all

100% Compatibility

Compatible with all EVs and Plug-in-Hybrids in the US and Canada.


Pulsar Plus can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Hassle-free Installation

Weather you choose Pulsar Plus with a 14-50 plug or the hardwired version, both are easy to install. You can get a quote today.

Flexibility to Park Anywhere

Pulsar Plus offers a 25-foot cable so you can reach your car weather you park in the garage or driveway.

Peace of Mind

Pulsar Plus comes with a 3-year warranty and it’s UL Certified for electrical safety.

Rebate Ready

Pulsar Plus is eligible for federal, state and local tax credits where applicable.

A Solution Beyond EV Charging.

More Savings, More Sustainability.

Full control of your charger from our amazing myWallbox app

Remote Control

Monitor the status of your charger and control it from anywhere via your smart devices.

Real-time Statistics

Get energy use and spending statistics in real-time.

Energy Management

Access and control advanced energy management features like Eco-Smart and Power Boost.

pmax mobile1


Save money by scheduling your charging sessions when energy is cheapest.


Secure your charger with remote locking and unlocking.

Wallbox App Pulsar Plus

Mobile App

Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely

Set and change charging schedules

Remote charger locking and unlocking

Manage multiple users and multiple chargers

Real-time charging statistics

Real-time notifications


Receive notifications automatically:

“Your car has finished charging.”

“Don’t forget to plug your car in before the scheduled charge begins.”

“There is a charger software update available.”

wallbox app notification
Wallbox App Statistic


View your charging sessions at any time

Filter by time periods

View your charging data in real-time

Monitor consumption via graphs and charts

wallbox installation

Easy Installation

Ready to install?

Technical Aspects

Charger: AC Level 2
Connector: Type 1 (SAE J1772)
Dimensions (without cable): 7.8”x7.9”x3.9”
Cable 25ft (7.6m)
Rated Current: 40A
Maximum Power: 9.6 kW
Power Input Connection: NEMA 14-50 or Hardwired
Adjustable current: from 16A to 40A
Charger status: RGB LED halo on charger, myWallbox App and Portal
User Interface: myWallbox App and Portal
User identification: myWallbox App and Portal
Connection: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Charger: AC Level 2
Connector: Type 1 (SAE J1772)
Dimensions (without cable): 7.8”x7.9”x3.9”
Cable 25ft (7.6m)
Rated Current: 48A
Maximum Power: 11.5 kW
Power Input Connection: Hardwired
Adjustable current: from 16A to 48A
Charger status: RGB LED halo on charger, myWallbox App and Portal
User Interface: myWallbox App and Portal
User identification: myWallbox App and Portal
Connection: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
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