Tesla Model Y

Model Y Tesla EV Chargers

The Model Y is the compact crossover in Tesla’s all EV line-up. First unveiled in 2019, it started production in 2020 and was on the Model 3 platform. Tesla launched the Y with Standard Range and Long Range versions. It is known for its falcoln wing doors. The standard range provided a 230 mile range with the longer range version providing a 250 mile+ range. The Long Range addition added popularity to this vehicle. The Model Y battery size ranges from 75 kWh to 81 kWh, depending on model year and trim level.

The most recent Performance and Long Range AWD editions provide 356 miles and 303 miles EPA estimated of electric mile drive range. We receive many requests for Tesla EV chargers and different Tesla EV charging plug types.

Recommendation: We recommend our level 2 NEMA 14-50 Retractable EZ™ Reel charger or 14-50, 40-amp 9.6 kWh Tesla Model Y AEFA FlexBox™ EV charger. It can be affixed to the wall like a wallbox or be a portable charger for on the go charging. Our Level 2 TEsla Model Y EV chargers are the most powerful chargers and provides the same power as Tesla residential chargers. Given most EV owners charge their car from a 50% battery, the car will be fully charged in 4-5 hours.

Model Y