BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid EV Charging

The 2021 BMW X5 PHEV is back and better than ever, featuring upgraded battery and all-electric driving ranges while sporting its new BMW X5 Drive 45e model, surpassing most performance attributes of the original BMW X5 Drive 40e, 2016 model. The BMW X5 Drive 45e comes with a 24kW battery, which has more than doubled from the 9.1kW battery offered by the BMW X5 Drive 40e, providing 31 miles of all-electric compared to 14 miles previously. The BMW X5 PHEV can be charged by Type 1 J1772, Level 1, or Level 2 EV chargers at a rate of 3.8 kW/H on a 240-volt outlet.


Key Stats

Battery Size
DC commercial charging
Cost per Charge
Level 2 Charging
Electric Range
24-kWh No~$2.40Yes31 miles

EV Charging times for BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid

We have collated estimated charge times for the BMW X5 Drive 45e PHEV from empty to full capacity electric range. The table below shows different common residential plug types for BMW X5 Drive 45e charging at both Level 1 and Level 2, showing the different charging power by plug type.

Plug TypeBattery Size (kWh) Charge RateAEFA Charge Time
Level 1 – 5-15 (regular 3-pin)241.5 KW/hour @ 12 amps~ 16 hours
Level 2 – 14-30 (4-pin electric dryer type)245.5 KW/hour @ 24 amps~6.5 hours
Level 2- 14-50 (4-pin)249.6 KW/hour @ 40 amps~6.5 hours

To prevent battery deterioration, charge the battery from 20% to 80%. This will allow owners to benefit from the quickest charging rates and avoid any potential reduced performance.

Why upgrade your BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid charger?

Most EV owners look to obtain the fastest available charge times and to ensure the vehicle’s maximum alternating current is met, we recommend upgrading from the manufacturer’s Level 1 charger to a Level 2 (240-Volt) EV charger. By fully utilizing the available electric miles from your EV, owners will save from more expensive gas miles and trips to the gas station while, at the same time, enjoying the acceleration and the wider benefits of electric driving.

Connector type and charging rates

Owners of a BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid can charge with a Type 1 SAE j1772 charger connector either at home, work, or at a public charging point. The BMW X5 Drive 45e PHEV upper limit alternating current (AC) charge rate is 3.8kW/hour, which is the maximum charge rate the vehicle will accept.

EV Receptacle

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EV Charger head

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EV Home Charger Options for your BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid

We have a range of EV chargers to suit all EV owners. However, a popular option for most is the 14-30 EV plug, as the 240-volt charger type is compatible with this outlet type that’s common in garages for heavy-duty electrical appliances or dryers. As Level 1 charging is typically too slow, owners opt to upgrade to a Level 2 EV charger to benefit from faster charging. As such, our most popular charging option is the NEMA 14-50 40amp.

Best places to charge a BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid?

PHEV owners typically prefer to charge their vehicles at home to benefit from the lower costs of EV charging at preferential overnight rates. However, in other circumstances, it may also be desirable to charge your BMW X5 Drive 45e PHEV at work or at a public charging station. Public charging is accessible at places such as shopping malls, commercial plazas, and city-owned facilities. If you’re looking to charge during an overnight stay, 14-50 receptable is the most common charger in campgrounds, RV parks, and other overnight locations.

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At Home
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At Work

What is the cost of charging a BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid?

The cost per charge of your PHEV will vary depending on several factors, such as location (residential or commercial), State, charging power of the EV, and time of day. We have estimated costs based on completing a full charge of the BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid; however, the average cost of electricity in some States will be higher than the U.S. current average of 20 ¢/kWh, as per the calculation below.

PlaceAvg. costCost/mile 
Home (empty to full)*$3.600.15¢
Commercial chargers**$9.360.39¢
* Assumes average. U.S. tariff of 20 ¢/kWh
** Assumes tariff of 50 ¢/kWh applicable to most commercial Level 2 network EV chargers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid at a commercial charging station?

Your BMW X5 Drive 45e PHEV can be charged at level 2 commercial charging stations however, not at Direct Current (DC) fast chargers.

The fastest charger is a Level 2, 240V 14-50 or 6-50 EV charger, which runs at a rate of 32A or 40A.

Your BMW X5 Drive 452 PHEV will use a Type 1 J1772 connector.    Currently, no PHEVs are compatible with the NACS charger connector.

Typically, not, as it will take 16 hours to fully charge your PHEV. This reduces the ability to use electric miles, as the battery will not be fully charged unless properly planned.

 We offer a variety of chargers compatible with this PHEV; however, the most popular product is the 14-50 Level 2 (240-Volt) EV charger, which offers the quickest charge time and fully utilizes the PHEV’s acceptance charge rate.

Most EV owners look to benefit from improved charge times, lower costs at overnight charge rates, and added convenience, which Level 2 charging fulfills all requirements. It provides the ability to charge at quicker, cheaper rates in order to fully utilize the electric range as often as required.

The PHEV power acceptance rate for a BMW X5 Drive 45e Plug-In Hybrid is currently limited to 3.8kW/hour; however, future models may admit higher power acceptance settings.

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Our high power level 2 EV Chargers will achieve a full EV charge in around 10 hours. Alternatively, we have a complete range of Subaru Solterra EV Chargers with all different EV plug types.