BMW I3 EV Chargers

The BMW i3 has style that is outside of this world and an i3 cabin that rivals all of the top electric vechicles. The i3 comes as a standard i3, an i3s and both versions are also available with range extenders with the 2021 i3 offering a gas powered range extender for peace of mind. Most consumers have opted for the electric only version for around town use and short highway stints for the daily commute.

The BMW i3 It was one of the first to take an all-electric approach, and it still remains sleek and attractive even in this day where there are so many other options on the market. Rated at 153 miles of all-electric driving range, the i3’s 42.2-kWh battery pack, the BMW i3 has become a popular vehicle. At EV Chargers, we provide a range of plug types and charging speeds to suit your needs from a standard NEMA 5-15 level 1 J1722 charger (regular domestic charger) to faster chargers such as NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 level 2 J1722 chargers that will provide a much faster charger time.

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