Retractable Level 1 EV Charger – 23FT Cable (NEMA 5-15 EZ)


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Choosing the right plug for your home

Make sure the plug type you choose matches the outlet type you have at home. While many outlets look similar, they are definitely not the same. The one called NEMA 5-15 is the regular 120V household outlet that all home appliances use, while other outlet types, such as the 14-50 or 6-50 (The two most popular EV Charging Outlets), get installed specifically for appliances or EV Chargers that require 240V. That said, there are more 240V outlet types that are commonly used, such as the NEMA 14-30, 6-30, 6-20, L14-30, and more.

Adjustable Current Powerful 6,8,10,15 amp EV Charger. The most powerful level 1, fully retractable EV charger on the market. Worry-free charging   Avoid waking up to an uncharged EV from a tripped breaker. Most 5-15 plugs are not on a dedicated circuit and share the breaker line with other 5-15 plug outlets.  Dial down your current with our EV charger to find the setting that avoids the hassle and danger of constant breaker tripping. Heavy Duty with Automatic Rewind. Give the EV Cable a gentle tug, the EZ EV REEL will retract automatically back in. The retractable & guidance system will roll up the cable neatly without the trouble of kinking and tangling and the stop ball at the base of the cable ensures the winder stops retracting at the correct length leaving the Type 1 J1772 charging nozzle easily accessible. Any Length Lock. Stop When You Want - Effortlessly use your EV Charger at any length with the specially designed stop-anywhere locking mechanism. 180-Degree Swivel Bracket, our EZ EV REEL is so flexible that it will follow you and not be stiff when you are using it at different angles. The robust wall-mounted bracket and the rotating shaft allow the EZ EV REEL to pivot 180 degrees, bringing the 16ft of cable to every corner of your garage or other charging spaces.
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What’s included?  
  • LCD display
  • 23 FT Retractable Cable
  • Slide-in bracket and screws

Key Features

  • EZ-EV REEL - 23 FT of retractable cable to keep a small footprint and everything tidy. 
  • Plug & Play - EV-Charger Ready to go, fast charge NEMA 5-15 Level 1, 15 Amp. Simply plug into your NEMA 5-15 outlet, connect into your car, and charge away!
  • Easy Set-up No wall box installation needed. EZ-EV REEL comes with a sliding bracket to affix to the wall and screws are included. 
  • Safety First - Lightning proof, leakage protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Waterproof - IP67
  • Control Box LED indicators change to identify charge status and working condition
  • Broad Compatibility - Fits all cars in the U.S. except Tesla unless used with an adapter
  • Peace of Mind - One year warranty
Product Specification
  • Brand EV-Chargers
  • Item Weight 17 pounds
  • Package Dims 20 x 15 x 6 inches
  • UV resistant Yes
  • Water resistant Yes
  • Amperage Adjustable 6A up to 15A
  • Voltage 120 volts
  • Waterproof rating IP 67 
  • US compatibility is the same.


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