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NEMA 14-50 Wallbox EV Chargers

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Choosing the right plug for your home

Make sure the plug type you choose matches the outlet type you have at home. While many outlets look similar, they are definitely not the same. The one called NEMA 5-15 is the regular 120V household outlet that all home appliances use, while other outlet types, such as the 14-50 or 6-50 (The two most popular EV Charging Outlets), get installed specifically for appliances or EV Chargers that require 240V. That said, there are more 240V outlet types that are commonly used, such as the NEMA 14-30, 6-30, 6-20, L14-30, and more.

Level 2 Wallbox 14-50 EV chargers are the gold standard, go-to charger in the industry alongside the smaller, lighter more portable EV chargers. Some EV owners prefer EV Wallboxes as a more permanent charging, wall-mounted solution.  Another preference is the HD LED larger display, which can be seen from a further distance, and the app-enabled functionality via Bluetooth.  This allows for remote charging capability, charging schedules, and charging data. Many car apps provide charging data and delayed charging but do not provide remote on/off charging capability. Our Wallbox provides level 2 40 amp charging and is the most powerful plug-in EV charging.  A NEMA 14-50 socket is required, which is the most common EV charging plug preferred by most electricians and Tesla.
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Charging Type

J1772 Charging Head (U.S standard)

Electrical Specification

Single Phase, 40 amps

Information Displayed

Voltage, charging current, power consumed in kWh, active charging time, device internal temp


WallBox: UTL (Intertek), TUV, CE, RoHS, CSA

Cable: UL

Cable Length

20 feet

Plug Type

NEMA 14-50

IP Rating of Electrical Box


IP Rating of J1772 Connector


Operating Temperature

-40 ~ 70 ℃


47 – 73 Hz

Residual Current Detection

Type A + 6mA RCD


29.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 7 cm


7 kg

Rated Supply Voltage

230 VAC +/- 10%

Mobile Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth



RFID per user  on app

No not integrated currently


LCD screen with LED stripe

Cable Hanger


Cable Length

20 feet / 6 meters


14-50 or Hardwire

IP Electrical Box


IP J1772


Operating Temp

-40 ~ 70 ℃

Input V

120V ~ 230V (+/-10%)


47 – 63 Hz

Residual Current Detection

Type A or Type A + 6mA RCD

Integrated DC leakage protection

Yes – Type A + 6mA RCD for DC

RFID Cards



2 years

  • EASY ACCESS – Optional multiple user access with RFID cards
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Includes templates and hardware for easy wall mounting
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY – Customize your charging for slower charging during the day when electricity is expensive and more powerful charging at night when electricity is cheaper
  • FAST CHARGING – 40 amp charging allows high-speed charging for all electric vehicles. Most EVs will reach a full charge in 3-6 hours from a 50% battery
  • COLORFUL LCD SCREEN – See charging status, charging time, voltage, current internal temperature and parameters
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Works with all cars in the U.S and Canada (adapter needed for Tesla)
  • PROTECTIONSturdy PC-ABS material housing with IP66 rating
  • OVERLOAD AND FAULT CURRENT PROTECTION – Overload and fault current protection as well as a leakage protection of type A + 6 mA residual current detection
  • CHARGING CONTROL – Automatic or Button control
  • INTUITIVE APPAllows remote on/off, charge setting, data analytics
  • WARRANTY – One year, peace mind product warranty


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Original price was: $495.Current price is: $395.

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