Kia Soul EV Chargers

Here at EV Chargers, we offer a whole range of electric car chargers suitable for the Kia Soul. With a range of charge speeds and lengths you can choose the perfect Kia Soul EV Charger for you. The Kia Soul EV is the first electric vehicle in its class to offer a choice of battery capacity, with 64kWh and 88 kWh options.

The latest version boasts an increased range up from 238 miles (NEDC) by nearly 25%. Given the larger battery capacity and sizes for the Kia, we recommend Kia Soul EV chargers with higher charge rates such as level 2 , 240 charging, this is at least 2x faster than level 1 charging. Our recommended Kia Soul EV chargers are the NEMA 14-50, NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 10-50 level 2 chargers which will offer the fastest charge for your KIa Soul EV charger

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