Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F 150 Lightning is the most eagerly awaited all electric truck entry by Ford. It will compete with Rivian and Chevrolet for the all battery truck market. The 2022 Ford F-150® Lightning™ is available in four models including the Pro, XLT, Lariat & Platinum. Some owners decide against a hardwired EV charger since it limits the charging location with limits to how far the wall charger can be from your panel or you may have a panel located in an area that does not lend itself to hard wiring. Many home owners don’t want to commit to the expensive battery packs, installs and panels with their EV especially if they may move home or don’t own the home. Our EV Chargers are light, portable and can be moved if you rent or plan to move house, as well as be used outside of the home where plugs are available e.g RV parks.

Recommendation: If you looking to purchase a new or replacement plug-in EV charger with low footprint, we recommend a NEMA 14-50 40 amp 9.6 kWh Ford F150 Lightning EV charger. Charge times are very fast. Charge times are around 6.5 hours from from a 50% battery (in practice when most EV owners will charge up in our experience).

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