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Most BMW owners we speak to are provided with a level 1 120-volt EV Charger that is in the car’s trunk or the dealership provides. The current charger type for the BMW is a J1772 Type 1 connector, which is currently the universal charger connector in the U.S. (except for Tesla). A common question from new EV owners about their car is what is the BMW x5 50e charging time and what can I do to improve charging times at home? We recommend a level 2 EV charger to improve the BMW x5 50e charging time

BMW x5 50e charging time

The table below shows the charging speeds, charging times and charger type. The level 2 14-50 or 6-50 EV Chargers are the fastest residential chargers. There can be some variance based on battery age, temperature and local voltage supply variations.

Why upgrade your BMW x5 50e charger?

A common question from owners is should I upgrade my EV Charger. There are several benefits to an EV charger upgrade, which can include a longer cable length, a more portable EV charger or a higher charging speed since level 1 or lower power level 2 EV charging is not adequate.

BMW x5 45e charging cable length

Our BMW x4 45e charging cable lengths are 25 and 32 feet long. Park anywhere, worry-free!! No more plugs falling off the wall or cables to trip over!

Where you can charge

You may charge your BMW x5 45e or 50e in any residential location or some commercial location. As a plug-in hybrid, it can only be used at certain commercial charging stations such as level 1 or level 2 commercial chargers. It will not work at DC commercial fast chargers so many owners opt to buy a level 2 residential EV charger to keep their battery topped up in between trips and get the most out of your electric power.

Best home charger for BMW x5 45e

The best home charger for the BMW x5 45e is the level 2 14-50 EV charger. It is our most popular EV Charger. BMW recently increased the battery size to 24 kWh creating a combined 50 MPGe, equating to an all-electric range of 31 miles. The battery has a charge acceptance speed of 3.7 kWh meaning you can twice as fast with a level 2 EV charger compared to a slower level 1 EV Charger.

Why choose EV chargers?

EV Chargers is the leader in U.S. residential charging. We are residential EV Charging and have been in the business of residential EV charging for 5 years. We provide high-quality EV chargers, with robust designs and unique safety features such as built-in high-sensitivity circuit breakers and real ground fault detection. A favorite accessory is our hard shell carry case!

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