Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the groundbreaking electric vehicle alongside the Chevrolet Bolt that set the scene in the U.S. for the electric vehicle market. Nissan first launched in 2011 and has provided many updates to its electric vehicle mostly with larger batteries and faster charging. New Nissan Leafs have larger battery sizes (40kWh – 60 kWh) so are generally better for level 2 charging. Earlier models 2012-2016 can also be suitable for level 1 (slower charging) since the batteries are small, so there is less battery that needs charging.

Generally for Nissan Leaf models prior to 2016 a NEMA 5-15 level 1 charger is fine for Nissan Leafs from 2017 onwards which have larger batteries we recommend level 2 EV chargers. We provide a great range of Nissan Leaf EV chargers such as NEMA 14-50 level 2 and NEMA 6-50 level 2 EV chargers.

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