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Guide to Portable Electric Car Chargers (2022)

Portable EV Chargers also known as portable electric Chargers were the first types of EV chargers that hit the market about a decade ago.  When the early electric vehicle models came out, manufacturers equipped their cars with level 1 EV chargers that would connect into a regular domestic electrical outlet.  The car manufacturers needed a way of providing a quick, easy and most importantly universal charge for any vehicle where the vehicle was.  Since 3 pin domestic residential plugs are everywhere providing a light, small portable charger that could easily be stored in the trunk.

Portable EV chargers, portable electric chargers or mobile EV chargers are all the same product but over time different descriptions have been used.   This article will inform you on the key considerations when selecting a portable EV charger

What speeds do portable EV chargers come in?  At EV-Chargers™ we provide chargers in all speeds to suit the size and acceptance rate of your battery.   Battery acceptance rate is how quickly you can charge your car.  Portable EV chargers are supplied in 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40 amp charging currents.  Some companies are providing 48 and 50 amp portable EV chargers but these are dangerous since the current should be well under the capacity of the breaker, which is typically a 50 amp breaker

Are portable EV chargers available in level 1, level 2 and level 3 charging?   Level 1 and Level 2 yes.  This is because residential properties are capable of the alternating current required for slower level 1 charging and faster level 2 charting.  Level 3 charging is generally used to describe commercial charging stations that use direct current (DC) and it not available for portable charging or mobile electric charging

Do I need to use or replace from my existing car manufacturer?  Put simply no.  Often non-car manufacturer portable EV chargers are better, more cost effective and with more features.  3rd party manufacturers are more focused and have less overhead compared to car manufacturers

Are portable EV chargers (mobile EV chargers) as fast as wall chargers?  Yes.  You can purchase level 2 EV chargers with 40amp and sometimes 50 charging power, which is as powerful as residential box or wall chargers

What are the benefits of portable or mobile EV chargers?  Depending on your situation this can vary but generally speaking

  • Flexibility.  Portable EV chargers can be put in the trunked and used at second homes, visiting friends, relatives etc to maximize your electric charging capability
  • Cost.  Portable EV chargers generally cost $200-$250 less than EV wall chargers
  • Small footprint.  They can be hung on a cradle and the charging box is generally smaller and not as bulky
  • Less installation and mounting costs.  Portable EV chargers can be plugged and ready to go
  • Simple.  Plug-in, charge and come back.  Some EV wall chargers have a lot of unnecessary technology

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