Chevrolet Bolt EV Chargers

Here at EV Chargers, we stock a range of electric car chargers for the Chevrolet Bolt. The Chevrolet Bolt is fast becoming America’s number 1 compact all electric EV with a great safety features combined with an EPA -estimated 259 miles electric range from a full charge. The Chevrolet Bolt was designed as a more company version of its the Chevrolet Volt and the Chevrolet Bolt is an affordable pure electric vehicle with prices starting at around $30,000. Chevrolet are increasing the battery sizes and battery acceptance rates as new models come out.

We have a range of level 1 and level 2 chargers, including our ultra fast NEMA 14-50 and Nema 6-50 level 2 chargers which offer Tesla like charging speeds. We provide all U.S. 3 pin and 4 pin Chevrolet Volt EV Chargers to suit the plug type in your house

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