Volkswagen ID.4 - EV Chargers

The Volkswagen ID.4 was first launched in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2021 as the first fully-electric compact crossover SUV of the Volkswagen brand. The EV comes with a 77kW/h lithium-ion battery pack which delivers an improved 291-mile all-electric range. The Volkswagen ID.4 can be charged by Level 1 or Level 2 J1772 EV chargers at a maximum rate of 11kW/h on a 240-volt outlet for residential charging. We have collated a guide to answer common questions received in relation to Volkswagen ID.4 EV charging.

Volkswagen ID.4

Key Stats

Battery Size
DC commercial charging
Cost per Charge
Level 2 Charging
Electric Range
82-kW/h (77kW/h usable)Yes~ $8.00Yes291 miles
Battery Size
82-kW/h (77kW/h usable)
DC commercial charging
Cost per Charge
~ $8.00
Level 2 Charging
Electric Range
291 miles

EV Charging times for Volkswagen ID.4

The table below compares charge times from empty to full for the Volkswagen ID.4 and shows the total charge time when completed via both Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers.

Plug TypeCharge RateAEFA Charge Time
Level 1 – 5-15 (regular 3-pin) 120V1.5 KW/hour @ 12 amps~ 50 hours
Level 2 – 14-30 (4-pin electric dryer type) 240V5.5 KW/hour @ 24 amps~ 14 hours
Level 2- 14-50 (4-pin) 240V9.6 KW/hour @ 40 amps~ 8 hours

To preserve the battery life, charging from 20% to 80% is preferential as charging slows down outside of this range and may impact the battery performance.

Why upgrade your Volkswagen ID.4 charger?

The main benefit of upgrading your EV charger from a manufacturer Level 1 to a Level 2 charger is the ramp-up in amplified voltage from 120-volt to 240-volt which will drastically reduce charge times for your EV. Reduced charge times will allow you to benefit from the full range of electric miles offered by the Volkswagen ID.4 and allow you to enjoy the benefits of electric driving for longer distances.

Connector type and charging rates

A Type 1 SAE J1772 charger connector will allow you to charge the Volkswagen ID.4 at home, work, or at a public charge point. The car’s on-board alternating current (AC) determines the maximum charge rate, that being 11kW/h, or 48A (Hardwire chargers only). That said, the Volkswagen ID.4 is capable of DC super fast charging at public charging stations with the CCS1 connector.

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EV Home Charger Options for your Volkswagen ID.4

At EV Chargers, we have a range of charger types to suit all EV Owners. The most popular charger for the Volkswagen ID.4 is the NEMA 14-50 or the NEMA 6-50 40A version as they provide the fastest charging time for this EV. Level 1 charging is possible but generally too slow for fully electric vehicles and therefore an alternative suitable option could be an EV Charger with the 14-30 EV plug since it’s still a Level 2 240-volt charger, but only offers a maximum charge of 24A or 30% slower than the full 40A; The 14-30 outlet is commonly found already installed in garages for dryers or heavy-duty electrical appliances, saving the owner the installation of a new outlet to EV charge.

Best places to charge a Volkswagen ID.4

The best location to charge is primarily dependent on the owner’s preferences and lifestyle, however, the majority of EV owners opt to charge at home as a result of lower overnight charging electricity rates and the additional convenience of charging at home. Nevertheless, nowadays many workplaces have facilities to charge your EV, as well as level 2 charging stations which can be found in places such as malls, government facilities, etc. If you’re looking to charge during an overnight stay away from home, the most common outlet is the 14-50 which will be suitable for locations such as RV Parks, campgrounds, and hotels.

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At Home
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At Work

Cost of charging a Volkswagen ID.4

The average cost of charging any EV will vary depending on the following key factors: location (residential or commercial), the U.S. State where you charge, the time of day, and the charging power. The table below shows estimated charging costs based on the current U.S. averages for electricity, based on ¢/kWh.

PlaceAvg. costCost/mile 
Home (empty to full)*$43.650.15¢
Commercial chargers**$113.500.39¢
* Assumes average. U.S. tariff of 20 ¢/kWh.  
** Assumes tariff of 50 ¢/kWh applicable to most commercial Level 2 network EV chargers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my Volkswagen ID.4 at a commercial charging station?

You may charge your Volkswagen ID.4 at any Level 1, Level 2, and CCS commercial charging stations

The fastest available EV charger for the Volkswagen ID.4 is a 40 amp Level 2, 240-volt charger which is offered with plugs NEMA 14-50 and 6-50.

The Volkswagen ID.4 uses a J1772 Type 1 connector. Volkswagen vehicles do not currently have a NACS connector.

Charging the Volkswagen ID.4 with a Level 1 charger will take 50 hours to fully charge which is not sufficient for the lifestyle of most EV owners. Comparable Level 2 charging, with a 14-50 40amp EV charger, will provide a full electric charge in 8 hours.

The most popular EV charger we offer to Volkswagen ID.4 owners is a Level 2 14-50 charger as this is the fastest available EV charging option.

The main benefits of Level 2 EV charging are speed, cost, and convenience. A Level 2 charger will significantly reduce charge times to ensure Volkswagen ID.4 owners have the 291-mile full electric range. This range can be completed at a cheaper overnight charge rate from the comfort of your own home.

All EVs alternating current (AC) charge rate is the limiting factor to the vehicles ability to charge faster, with a 11kW/h being the maximum input for a Volkswagen ID.4. This could potentially be improved in future versions of this EV which may have improved power acceptance settings.

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Our high power level 2 EV Chargers will achieve a full EV charge in around 10 hours. Alternatively, we have a complete range of Subaru Solterra EV Chargers with all different EV plug types.