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Property Developer Pack Solution – Electric Car Chargers for Home Builders and Property Developers

Whether you are at the initial planning stage or already in the construction process, we can assist you. With the growing demand for EV charging stations, we have been receiving numerous inquiries from contractors and property developers specializing in single to 15 unit property development.

Nowadays, EV charging is increasingly becoming a necessary requirement or optional upgrade for all new homes, refurbishment projects, or building upgrades. EV charging stations will be an item that buyers will be looking for in their shopping list, similar to other standard fixtures and appliances. Currently, the growth in EV adoption is coming from the same demographic as bespoke developments and property development.

We offer a complete turnkey solution that includes consultation, charging stations, installation, and software for EV charger management. 

Common questions typically revolve around: 

  • Indoor or outdoor installation, location
  • Hardwire compared to NEMA plug solutions, ultra fast 100 watt panel / 19.2 kW (that’s 240 volts @ 80 amps) or 50 watt breaker / 11.5 kW (that’s 240 volts @ 48 amps)
  • Multiple residential EV charging stations in one dwelling
  • EV charger location
  • Software solutions
  • Load balancing (we have solutions to avoid frustrating breaker trips)
  • Solar integration
  • Reverse power solutions from the EV to provide power in the event of power failures or outages
  • Tax rebates

Our key services and solutions for property developers and home builders include:

  • Product: Compact, 240-volt level 2 charging, adjustable from 16A to 40A or 48A

    A powerful 48A 11.5 kWh charger for fast charging of all electric vehicles
  • Safety: Our products have the highest-rated American safety standards, with UL listed and Type 4 enclosure
  • Flexibility: Our products are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

    Single or dual mounting for freestanding charging solutions

    Wall mounting or freestanding pedestal
  • Security: Our products have remote locking features to turn off EV charging stations, so homeowners are in control
  • Futureproofing: Our products have the ability for homeowners to add additional stations
  • Advanced Tech: Our products have power sharing*, WIFI connectivity, and power boost for solar panel integration.
  • Installation: We have an expert service installation partner.
  • Smart Technology: We provide power limiters to reduce future expensive panel upgrades
  • Rebate: We offer advice on available tax breaks and rebates in the property build location
  • Solar Integration: Our products can easily integrate with solar systems.

Product 1 – ProDeveloper Pack Multi Unit Hardwired 48 amp EV chargers or 40 Amp plug-in NEMA 14-50 residential EV Chargers

Install WallBox EV chargers for a future-proof, high-power installation. The Pulsar Plus 40A and 48A are the most powerful residential EV chargers available today. They can be installed on the same electrical circuit or on separate electrical panels/circuits in residential settings.

Pulsar Plus 48A Highest Power Hotel EV Charger

  • 240V (Level 2) | 11.5kW highest power chargers
  • Adjustable power up to 48 Amp (11.5kW) or 40 Amp (9.6kW)
  • Fastest EV charging 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with all EVs (Tesla requires adapter)
  • Power Sharing-enabled for multiple charging station installations
  • Hardwired option to avoid plugs and wire risk to homeowners
  • 25 foot, extra long reach cable in locations
  • Integrated myWallbox app to control charger remotely or in the hotel
  • Onboard intelligence – smart functions such as charging, locking and unlocking are managed in the charger even when the Internet is down
  • NEMA 4 rating for your fleet charging safety
  • UL highest safety certification for home EV charging
  • Indoor, underground or outdoor installation
  • Tax advantage – qualities for 30% federal tax credit
  • Installation by our Wallbox installation expert partner
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
WallBox Pulsar Plus
WallBox Residential
wallbox pared



$659/unit (ProDeveloper Multi Pack 5+ units)

Product 2 – Pulsar Plus Pedestal

Sophisticated and compact mounting for Pulsar Plus, enhances the overall look and feel in your properties:

  • One or two Wallbox Pulsar Plus chargers per charging station
  • Practical free standing charger mount
  • Include charger hoot and cable management for tidy cable storage
  • Multiple power supply ports allow for virtually any wiring or conduit situation
  • Optional rain cover available for additional weather protection
  • Homeowner safety by hiding away trip and electrical safety risks
  • Enable convenient multi car parking location
  • Perfect as an alternative to wall mounted EV charging
eiffel basic ppna
wallbox basic mono with pulsar plus na main



(Product 3) – Power sharing feature

Power Sharing

Install two Wallbox EV chargers for future homeowners onto one common or electrical circuit.  This can save expensive panel upgrades or installations needed for dedicated circuits

  • Allows you to connect from two or three Wallbox Chargers onto one common electrical circuit
  • Dynamic power balance to each charger
  • As one car finishes its charge or another car is disconnected, the system automatically increases the power available to other hotels guests cars

Price:   $Free

power sharing pm

(Product 4) –  Power Meter for Energy Management Solutions for your EV fleet drivers

When you connect a Power Meter to your Pulsar Wallbox, it enables additional features in myWallbox, such as Eco-Smart and Power Boost

Eco-Smart allows you to utilize the solar power generated by your rooftop solar panels to charge your electric vehicle (EV). You can select between two modes: solar only or a combination of solar charging and grid energy

  • Charge 100% solar energy of mix of solar and grid power
  • Direct surplus solar energy to your EV for charging
  • Save on your electricity bill by using the free energy of you solar panel
Eco smart transparent2

Power Boost is a feature that helps prevent blackouts and expensive energy bills by dynamically adjusting the power delivered by your EV charger based on your household’s energy usage. It ensures that your lights stay on and your EV charges at the fastest possible speed through dynamic load balancing.

When multiple household appliances are in use, Power Boost automatically slows down your EV charging to stay within your grid’s power capacity. As appliances are turned off or powered down, Power Boost redirects the available power back to your EV for faster charging.

power boost pm

 Limited power capacity? Even with multiple appliances on, charging your EV won’t be disrupted.  Everything works together seamlessly.

Maximize savings Optimizing the allocation of energy in real-time, Pulsar Plus promotes efficient energy use, which in turn results in cost-effective energy consumption, allowing you to save money.

No home power outages or surprises Safe charging to avoid unstable main panel breaker interruptions and never surpass your home’s power capacity.

Power Management home, residential power management of up 250A (most homes are 200A or below)

na meter 7
  • Unlocks a full suite of Energy Management Solutions.
  • Used to enable solar EV charging and dynamic load balancing features
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Included 2 CT clamps for electrical panels up to 250 Amps
  • Mounting with Wallbox Power meter UL enclosure (optional)
pulsar plus na em530 clamps no wires

By incorporating our power meter from Wallbox, your Pulsar Plus EV charger gains access to our comprehensive Energy Management Solution, ensuring that your charger remains future-proof and ready for all software upgrades without the need for additional hardware purchases. This allows you to achieve greater savings and maximize the utilization of your solar panel power for EV charging. The power meter comes with CT clamps for easy installation, along with your Pulsar Plus, by our certified installation partner.



Product 5 – Home owner EV charging monitoring and control

wallbox app pulsar plus
wallbox app statistic

Allows property, managers and owners to monitor and control charging anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring: Manage charging and monitor the status of your EV remotely

Security: Remote Wallbox locking and unlocking put owners in charge

All in One: Manage multiple users and multiple chargers at the hotel

Data: Real-time charging statistics, energy use and spending data

Energy Management: Control energy management technology such as PowerBoost and Eco-Smart

Awareness: Real-time updates

View guest charging sessions at any time

Filter by time periods

Keep track of your charging data in real-time

Monitor consumption via graphics and charted data

Price:   $Free (Downloadable app following installation)


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