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Lexus RZ 450e EV Chargers

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Lexus continues to expand its electric and plug-in hybrid range. We receive many requests and inquiries for Lexus RZ 450e EV Chargers and it is the first fully electric Lexus. Most are from new owners. The Lexus is a smooth ride and is packed with a 71 kWh lithium-ion battery, which powers the vehicle to an estimated range of 196 to 200 miles. The vehicle is provided with a standard level 1 EV 120-volt EV Charger, which provides a charge that is often too slow for most vehicle owners. The Lexus RZ 450e EV Charger should have a J1772 connector for home, and residential charging and CCS1 for commercial DC EV charging.

Lexus RZ 450e charging time

Lexus RZ 450e charging times can be accelerated significantly through the use of 14-50 and 6-50 plug-type EV Chargers since they are 240 volts. These are the fastest plug-in type residential EV chargers. The charging details are below for different power levels and EV plug receptacle types so that you can find the right charger for you

Why upgrade your charger?

EV Charger upgrades can be done for various reasons such as a broken charger, a speed or power upgrade or as a backup EV Charger, particularly for snowbirds or second homeowners. Level 1 120-volt EV charging for a Lexus RZ 450e is too long unless you use the vehicle infrequently. It will take almost two days and will rely on peak electricity times which are much more expensive (3x electricity costs at that time of day in most U.S. States). A level 2 240-volt Lexus RZ 450e EV Charger is much quicker and will be less expensive since it can charge overnight during super off-peak typically between midnight and 6 am.

Lexus RZ 450e charger length

Most EV Chargers come in shorter lengths of 20 or 21 feet. Our Lexus RZ 450e compatible EV Chargers are supplied in two lengths of 25 feet and 32 feet. We offer flexible EV Charger cable lengths so that homeowners can park anywhere, hassle-free and be able to charge without stretching cables or the hassle of re-parking.

Where you can charge your Lexus RZ 450e?

The Lexus can be charged at your home residences, at workplace or commercial locations, as well as City public charging facilities where there are level 2 or DC fast commercial EV Chargers. Level 2 commercial AC chargers are less common, so most “out and about” EV charging will be at DC fast charging stations. The charging port and the corresponding EV Charger should be J1772 type for AC Charging and CCS1 for DC Charging

Home Charger Options

Home EV chargers come in all shapes, sizes and power. Generally, we find most owners prefer smaller footprint, more portable options. There are a variety of EV charging options to charge your Lexus RZ 450e at home. Charging at home has the benefits of comfort, safety, convenience and cost. Commercial charging is getting increasingly expensive with charging fees increasing and is notoriously unreliable (the cables are also very heavy!). EV owners upgrade to high-power 220-240 volt EV chargers which means a full battery in the morning after an overnight charge.

Why choose EV chargers?

AEFA EV chargers is one of America’s most established suppliers of residential EV chargers, which is our focus. We are the experts and our EV charges come with a variety of unique features such as high-quality cable, IP67 waterproofings, rugged casings, built-in circuit breakers and large, green oval charging lights that provide clear confirmation of charging. We also provide a range of accessories such as a garage cable protector since many folks run their cable under the garage.

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