Mazda MX-30 EVs

The Mazda MX 30 is the all electric model from Mazda. The vehicle comes with a good size all electric 35.5 kWh and 6.6 kWh on board charger, which makes it suitable for level 2 EV Charging. Our EV Chargers are light, portable and can be moved if you rent or plan to move house, as well as be used outside of the home where plugs are available e.g RV parks. The Mazda MX-30 comes with a level 1 120 volt EV Charger and many new owner reach out looking for more powerful level 2 Mazda MX-30 EV Chargers to reduce range anxiety and have more faster charging. Recommendation: If you want to quickly charge to keep your battery topped up, avoid range anxiety and avoid waiting at commercial charging stations, then a level 2 14-50 EV charger is the best option. We recommend our NEMA 14-50 40 amp 9.6 kWh Mazda MX-30 EV Charger. It will provide the fastest residential charge available and will also futureproof you. Charge times are the fastest they can be given the battery charge acceptance rate. From a 50% battery, the MX-30 will be fully charged in around 2.5 hours. All our chargers are J1772 compatible to the Mazda MX-30 charging port.

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