Honda ioniq

If you need an EV charger for your Hyundai Ioniq, then we offer a range of EV plug and charging speeds for Hyundai Ioniq EV chargers. The Hyundai Ioniq is the long awaited all electric model from Hyundai and in parts of the U.S. went on immediate back order at launch. The current pure electric model is equipped with a 38 KWh battery pack and the 2020 Ioniq pure electric gets an updated onboard charger, which is now up to 7.2 kW from 6.6kW (allows for faster charging). The original plug in hybrid Hyundai Ioniq offered a 9kWh battery with a 3.3kW on-board charger. We provide both level 1 (slower) and level 2 (faster charges) all with J1772 connectors for your Hyundai Ioniq. Our most popular Hyundai Ioniq EV Chargers are the NEMA 14-50 40 amp 9.6 kWh and NEMA 14-30 24 amp 5.8 kWh chargers. The NEMA 14-50 40 amp 9.6 kWh Hyundai Ioniq EV Charger is our recommendation, especially for all electric Hyundai Ioniqs since it provides the fast plug-in EV charger available and will dramatically reduce charge times. Our EV Chargers are light, portable and can be moved if you rent or plan to move house, as well as be used outside of the home where plugs are available e.g RV parks.

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