BMW 530e Sedan

The BMW 330e is a sleek, luxurious vehicle that was aimed squarely at the executive fleet market. The BMW 330e plug in hybrid could be the best 3 series on the market. The original version combined an 87-horsepower electric motor and 2.0 litre turbocharged gas engine for maximum power that rivals even the M Sport model of its sister company’s iconic 3 Series line-up of cars (330i). More recently BMW revamped its model with a 2022 updates launching the 2022 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive (all wheel drive) – iconic sedans with electrified enhancements. This plug-in hybrid uses a powerful combustion engine that works in tandem with an electric motor to achieve efficient driving and all the performance you expect from a BMW. We receive requests for replacement or new BMW 330e Sedan EV Chargers. Our EV Chargers are light, portable and can be moved if you rent or plan to move house, as well as be used outside of the home where plugs are available e.g RV parks or other residences. Recommendation: Given the relatively small battery, we would recommend a NEMa 5-15 BMW 330 e Xdrive Sedan EV charger. It will plug into any regular, residential 3 pin plug. Charge times are quick given the battery size. From empty, the battery will charge ~ 4 hours and from a 50% battery in ~ 2 hours, which is in practice when most EV owners recharge.

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